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News & Insight::

NPR : National Public Radio   [Text]

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  The Uganda Monitor

  BBC News

  The Guardian

  Google News


  The Nation

  Media Matters

  Common Dreams

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Linux, VM, and JS tools & resources::

Virtual x86
(Run Arch Linux, DSL... on the web!)

  Distro Test
(Test a Linux flavour in a browser!)

(Linux flavours in a browser!)

(Tutorials with screencasts and more...)

(Text-based calulator - courtesy
of Fabrice Ballard)




Lynx usage tips::

m - go back to the main page (the first page, when you run lynx)
k - see these short-cut abbreviations

p - to print the screen
l - list all the urls on the active page

n - search for the next occurence of
N - search for the previous occurence of

u or 4 - go back to the previous doc
V - list history during this session
^A or 7 - go to the beginning of current doc
^B or - or 9 or [page up] - view previous page
^E or 1 - go to end of doc
^F or or + or 3 or [page down] - view next page of doc
^L - refresh the screen

! - spawn a shell (type [exit] to return to Lynx)
, - run external program(eg: w3m) with current page (q to cancel)
/ - search within the current doc


Quick Vi Tutorial:: (Tip: Run "vimtutor" at command shell for a quick guide)

^, $ to move to beginning or end of line resp.
j to move down
l to move right
k to move up
h to move left
"esc" to enter command mode
"a" to enter edit mode, but append after cursor
"i" to enter edit mode, but insert at cursor
"o" to insert a blank line below cursor
"shift-o" to insert a blank line above cursor
"dd" to delete line at cursor
"4dd" to delete 4 lines from cursor downwards
"5-shift-g" to position cursor on line number 5
"x" delete character at current cursor location
":q!" quit without saving
":x" OR ":wq" save first and quit immediately
":w" save file and stay in editor
"gg" move to beginning of file
"G" move to eof


w3m usage tips (install w3m, w3m-img)  [Manual]::

o - access the options panel (where display images, text colors, etc... can be toggled)
shift-h - to view keymap file with short-cut codes, etc...

esc-b - show bookmarks ( ~/.w3m/bookmark.html )
[space] - go down the page
b - go back up a page

g - go to top of page
u - show the url for the highlighted link
U - GoTO the url...
shift -u - load the edited url (use the up or down arrows to scroll history urls)
shift-b - go back to previous page
/ - search forwards
? - search backwards
^c - stop loading
^a - save to bookmarks
^h - show browsing history

shift-t - open a new tab with current doc
esc-t - open a panel list of tabs (shift-d to delete a tab)
! - execute a shell command

Notes : If dictd and dict-gcide (the English dictionary database) are installed, then
use $ dict -d gcide [word-to-look-up-locally]
or $ dict [word-to-look-up-on-the-internet]
What databases are installed? $ dict -I

Install the "English-to-French" and "English-to-Swahili" dictionaries for the "dict server/client" using Synaptic
then $ dict -d fd-eng-fra [computer]
or $ dict -d fd-eng-swh [computer]